Press Release

Press Release

25 Febuary 2021

One-Stop Lifestyle App @Fingertips Keeps You in the Know
Bringing the future of retail to consumers, one experience at a time

SINGAPORE – 1 February 2021 - Singapore-based startup Fingertips today announced the launch of their one-stop lifestyle app, @Fingertips, to empower consumers with timely and relevant information for a new retail experience.

“In the modern urban landscape, people are constantly seeking new ways to entertain and be entertained. But more often than not, people don’t realize that they are missing out on the experience in its totality, or worse, only realize they had missed out on something right after the experience was over. It would be entirely different if before, or while, you attend an event, visit an attraction, or shop at a mall, you are equipped with all that you need to know.” Fingertips founder Terance Choy explained.

Future Retail Experience: Real-time Refresh for Users to Keep Tab on Latest Offers
The free-to-download app, named @Fingertips, aims to avail and provide users with real-time offers and promotions from merchants and partners on the network. Users can check in to locations using the ‘I’m Here’ button and receive offers and promotions refreshed to the minute to keep them up-to-date with the latest flash sales, gigs and events news, allowing them to uncover a new retail experience.

Explore Your Interests: Primary Focus Offerings
@Fingertips focuses on Events, Shops and Malls, as well as Attractions, which comprise the majority of the modern-day urban city dwellers’ lifestyles. More pertinent categories and sectors will be added as the network expands to include overseas partners in the second phase of the app’s development.

Users can explore their interests in the four spaces, and conduct targeted searches based on categories, neighbourhoods and their physical location.

For consumers, this would mean better and more informed choices of leisure and entertainment options, without having to be left feeling shortchanged or deprived of a wonderful evening out with families or loved ones.

“In our era of high connectivity, information should be readily available and accessible, anywhere, everywhere. @Fingertips brings all the information you need, to you. Be they tips to better enjoy an experience, information about the latest mall and retail promotional offers and all. Through the process, this app allows the users to make the most out of their every trip and every penny.

“With all that connectivity promises, the modern-day consumer experience can, and should, only get better.” Choy quipped.

“In this day and age, it is ironic that the more connected we have become, the less informed we sometimes can end up to be, whether it be due to lack of information, or failure to access information in time. We want to empower today’s consumers with the knowledge and information, in order for our life experiences to be more fulfilled and satisfied. With @Fingertips, it’s going back to the basics, with technology.” Choy promised.

Saving Retail @Fingertips
On the business fronts, it is good news as well for retailers, who can look forward to a new marketing tool and enjoying better ROIs on their marketing spend, with potential increased footfall on premises at malls and retail shops, as well as better attendance at events and attractions. Each merchant will have access to the backend tool where they can launch new products, announce upcoming sales and post flash sales at their fingertips. In addition, this tool can also be used to manage their inventory.

“This app has been 1 year in the making. We have been on the ground talking to merchants and consumers, understanding their needs and pain points. So far, merchants have welcomed this idea, so we decided to forge ahead and build the marketplace first, hoping that in time to come, this community platform will benefit consumers and merchants alike” co-founder Harpreet Singh proclaimed.

We envision the app being a people’s app, where they play an integral part in growing the app with us as a collective community across Singapore.”

For one thing, the app promises on delivering game-changing usage habits and patterns for consumers, as well as to reignite people’s passion for retail and make a return to in-person shopping.

This is also in line with the current retail landscape as malls and retail institutions frantically shift strategies, turning to activity-based, as well as F&B retailers to keep customers going back. The retail sectors have been under siege by e-commerce for the longest time, and still remain so, especially with the ongoing pandemic. Many retailers, big and small, are trying all ways to stay afloat.

“Of course, with digitization at the forefront, the app offers digital payment methods for the convenience of both consumers and merchants. We also offer a nationwide rewards points system across our network of merchants from the Events, Shops and Malls, as well as Attractions spaces to best enable consumers to stretch their dollar” Singh added.

Choy caveated, “We are not superheroes in masks trying to save Retail and return the crowd back to the malls.”

“We want to help consumers re-discover the joy of going back outdoors, shopping in person and getting the most out of each leisure and entertainment experiences, right from the moment they start researching for the next outing.”

“We are working hard to bring consumers more exciting deals and merchants. The aim is to become the one-stop platform for any users aiming to explore the retail scene around them and get the best deals“ Choy announced.

Retailers who are interested in joining the platform can contact Fingertips at their website.

“The platform is wide open and opportunities, endless. We are happy to work with anyone, whether it’s for long term, or for ad-hoc collaborations.” Choy called out.

Participate in @Fingertips launch contest for attractive prizes
To mark the launch of the app, Fingertips will be holding a social media contest, where consumers and end users are invited to share their fondest experiences at a place or a shop, and stand to win attractive prizes.

More details about the contest can be found on their Facebook and Instagram pages, as well as their website.

Download the App for Free Today!

@Fingertips launches today and the free-to-download app is now available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

For more information, visit or download the @Fingertips app with the QR code below.

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Places and Deals, all @Fingertips
Install @Fingertips now and always stay in the know!

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