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We grew up in an era with no internet, no cables, and no mobile phones. We went outdoors to experience, we flip through pages and pages to know – all with this hope that we won’t miss the next big sale or the most trendy event.

Now with technology enabling us, we should be able to learn more, see more and know more. Instead, still so much information and experience pass us by. Let’s change that!

You are in control when you know what is happening around you. And that’s how you get the satisfaction of a full experience. This is why we started Fingertips.

We aim to change the way people live, learn, work, play and shop by connecting them with merchants and locations to experience more, to be part of the advancements of technology, all at the power of their fingertips.


We aim to bring digital transformative solutions to people to allow them to experience more, all at the power of their fingertips.


We strive to empower consumers and merchants alike to create the best experience for themselves at the touch of their fingertips.


  • We live and grow through innovation, creativity, and passion.
  • We are a lifestyle, we are trendy, we are relevant.
  • Client first, empowering them is empowering us.


Terance Choy
Terance Choy
Director & Co-Founder
Harpreet Singh
CTO & Co-Founder
Peter Ng
Chief Marketing Officer
Weng Ziyan
Executive Designer