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18 August 2021
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25 Febuary 2021
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  • What is @Fingertips?
    @Fingertips is a brand-new mobile lifestyle application that offers infinite opportunities at our users’ fingertips. It is a single platform fitting Singaporeans’ and tourists’ lifestyles alike, allowing them to better their experiences at Events, Shops and Malls, as well as Attractions (ESMA).
  • What does the app name, @Fingertips, mean?
    We aim to change the way people live, learn, work, play and shop – to drive them outdoors to experience more through empowering them with relevant and timely information, all easily available at the the power of their ‘Fingertips’.
  • Who is the target audience of @Fingertips app?
    @Fingertips covers all Events, Shops and Malls, Attractions (ESMA), making it suitable for the mass publics, whether they are into something niche, or looking for daily necessities. Starting off with local teenagers and young adults, we have plans to reach out to all local residents with a smartphone, and eventually tourists as well when our borders reopen.
  • How is @Fingertips different from mainstream e-commerce apps?
    On top of the usual buy/sell transactions in e-commerce, consumers are required to collect their purchases directly from the stores. For consumers, being able to check their products before collection will grant them assurance. For merchants, this gives them a chance to showcase and present their products in person. This brings back the human touch e-commerce is missing through a seamless process.
  • What features do @Fingertips have that will make consumers want to use it?
    For every location in @Fingertips, there is an ‘I’m Here!’ button that users can click to ‘check in’. By doing so, they unveil a whole new experience at the location as they get instantly notified of any real time highlights and limited flash sales.
    For users who are looking to find out what’s going on around them, they can click on the ‘What's Near Me’ button to see where the trending Events, Shops and Malls, as well as Attractions are in relation to their physical geolocation.
    With our comprehensive list of ESMAs and the merchants pushing out exciting news and bargains, users can discover new favourite hangout spots, whilst grabbing the best deals.
  • What is the difference between the ‘I’m Here’ button and ‘What’s Near Me’ button?
    The ‘I’m Here’ functionality allows users to find out what is happening in the location they are viewing, such as highlights, events and deals. Consumers can also click on the ‘I’m Here’ button to preplan their itineraries, and get the most out of their trip. With ‘I’m Here’, the users get access to the flash sales happening in that particular venue. So as to ensure greater reach of the flash sale towards a wider audience, any user, regardless of where they are, can purchase the product and self-collect it from the merchants within 30 days.
    Users can use the ‘What’s Near Me’ button to explore and find out what’s exciting near them based on the users’ physical location.
  • Why should merchants collaborate with @Fingertips?
    Merchants can utilise @Fingertips as a marketing platform for them to gain more exposure and footfalls to their venues or events – especially with the ability to push out highlights announcing new launches, sitewide discounts etc. @Fingertips thus effectively performs the function of a megaphone for the merchants, and links them with their consumers in a digitally savvy way. With our in-built e-commerce functionality, merchants are also able to sell their products, services and tickets 24/7, whilst taking stock of their inventory from our backend. When consumers turn up to collect their purchases, merchants can also utilise the opportunity to connect with them in-person.
  • What are the deals available on @Fingertips?
    The deals offered on the app are wide and varied, spanning across Events, Shops and Malls, as well as Attractions. This would include but is not confined to Clothes, Classes, Tickets and many others.
    Deals are also available in the form of Flash Sales, which are short, timed offers pushed out by merchants. Users can be in the know of these flash sale bargains through checking in at a location through the ‘I’m Here!’ button.
  • Are there any deals that are exclusive to the @Fingertips platform?
    We are working closely with our merchants to provide exclusive deals on the app, so do keep a lookout for them!
  • What is the nationwide rewards system that @Fingertips is advertising?
    When consumers make purchases through the @Fingertips app, they will earn FT reward points. With these FT points, consumers will be able to redeem FT vouchers that can then be used to offset their next purchase on any Events, Shops and Malls, Attractions available on the platform. This means that the consumers are not restricted to store or brand-based rewards.
  • How many app users does @Fingertips currently have?
    We are currently in the beta testing stage with approximately 100 beta testers providing us with feedback to improve the App and best suit our end users. With the launch of the app in February and continual engagement with merchants to provide the best deals, we are optimistic about the number of app users.
  • Why does @Fingertips make consumers collect their purchases in person from the stores instead of implementing delivery services?
    By encouraging consumers to collect their purchases physically at the stores, they are assured of the quality of the items that they have purchased. With self-collection, merchants also do not need to provide delivery services and are able to pass on these cost savings to the consumers.
    Finally, as part of our original founding motivation, we want to encourage users to get out, explore, and reconnect with their surroundings and fellow community members.
  • Can delivery services be arranged for consumers who purchase the products?
    We strongly encourage consumers to self-collect their purchases from the physical shops. However, if consumers really require delivery services like for huge or heavy items, they can contact the merchants directly to see if they are able to provide delivery services.
    @Fingertips does not provide delivery services for our merchants or consumers.
  • How are consumer interests protected?
    Self-collection assures the consumers of the quality of the product they receive, and order processes have been implemented with users in mind, to ensure that collection of items is secure, smooth and safe. Users will also have a dedicated helpline to ensure the quick resolution of any problems.
    Product information is posted directly from merchants and will be cross verified before being approved to go up on the app. This is to ensure that accurate and up-to-date information is provided to the users.
  • How will user data be used and stored?
    All user data will be stored securely with certified and industry trusted databases. PDPA guidelines were strictly followed when data is concerned ensuring user data is safely protected and only used in stated methods. Data will be used in the following ways but not strictly limited to, improving user experience through recommendations, marketing and app improvements. Our Privacy Policy is also available in-app for easy reference anytime.
  • As @Fingertips utilises location GPS, will this function drain user smartphone battery life?
    The location function uses the same amount of battery as any other GPS and geolocation applications. It will only be active when users use features such as 'What's Near Me', ensuring that user battery is optimised when using the app.
  • How effective is @Fingertips in ensuring payment security?
    @Fingertips uses Stripe as a payment gateway. Certified to the highest industry standards with regulatory licences, users' payments are safeguarded and held safely to high standards. With the most stringent level of certification in its industry, PCI Service Provider Level 1, users can be assured that payment security is top of the line.
  • How many merchants are on @Fingertips at the moment?
    We have curated a list of merchants that we think will appeal to our target audience, and are working closely with them to push out regular and attractive deals. Moving forward, we would like to welcome all merchants to join us in our journey of creating the future of retail. Interested merchants can contact us through our website to find out more.
  • How are merchant interests protected?
    To allow merchants a seamless transition onto the app, there will be staff who are trained to guide and assist merchant on the fundamentals of the platform. Merchant tools have also been prepared and designed to be as user friendly as possible. There will also be contacts for merchants should they face any difficulty with technical tools or purchases.
  • Why does @Fingertips include neighbourhood shops?
    We aim to onboard all merchants from the Events, Shops and Malls, as well as Attractions space in order to comprehensively provide our app users with everything they need to know, be it in town, or at the heartlands. Neighbourhood Mom and Pop shops play an integral part in our community, but yet are also the shops that are most commonly left out in our push to digitization. Therefore, we aim to equally empower the merchants from the neighbourhood shops, and aid them in this process to better their exposure and footfalls.
  • Will @Fingertips be launched nationwide or by locations?
    @Fingertips is available to use nationwide, and downloadable from both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Focused merchant engagement and digitization efforts are currently location based to ensure majority merchant participation. Consumers can look forward to digitization of their neighbourhoods.
  • How receptive is the current market towards the @Fingertips app?
    Feedback from current merchants and beta testers have been very positive and encouraging, with many expressing interest and excitement in continually using the app as we grow.
  • What if the @Fingertips app does not have the ESMA that consumers are looking for?
    We do our best to regularly update our ESMA database to include the most up-to-date information on Events, Shops and Malls, as well as Attractions. However, if the app does not have the ESMA information that the consumer is looking for, they can drop us an email at and we will assist with their request accordingly.
  • What are the future plans and updates for @Fingertips?
    We have many exciting plans lined up for the app! This includes affiliated selling, which involves building a location-based network of merchants to provide users with the best deals all the time. Looking ahead, we plan to incorporate affiliated selling into our app; to offer users visiting a shop to also get deals from surrounding shops (e.g discounts and bundle deals). This is useful in inducing secondary purchases and enables users to be aware of surrounding merchants’ existence, thus raising awareness for both the merchants and consumers.
    Live videos to better feature interesting venues, products and establishments to encourage users to actively go outdoors and discover is also in the pipeline.